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Pure Essential Oil Blends 1 oz.


Image of Pure Essential Oil Blends 1 oz.

Our essential oil blends we created for some of our products are now available!

Available blends:
Lime + Lemongrass
Lemongrass + Rosemary
Lavender + Grapefruit
Peppermint + Rosemary
Orange + Star Anise

- 100% undiluted PURE essential oils

Add a couple drops into:
- Diffuser
- Bath water
- Natural body oil (we recommend oils such as Coconut Oil, Jojoba, Avocado Oil, Safflower Oil or Argan)
- Unscented body lotion
- Purified water to use as a body spray or room spray

Use: Add drops to dilute and diffuse. * Dilution is required for all skin application*